About the Scrolls

Atlantis, the lost city, was infamous for having angered the gods, which is what led them to their ultimate demise. Atlantis came to be so proud of its advancements that it felt itself above reproach in every way. They became haughty and arrogant, disrespectful to the gods. When they decided to expand their territory, they thought they could not be beaten, however, they lost their battle with Athens. Eventually, the gods punished Atlantis for their arrogance, sinking the island into the ocean.

The lost scrolls are rumored to be an account of their rise and fall as experienced by an elder who was disillusioned with the direction of Atlantis’ ruling class. His scrolls lamented the loss of the great country’s humility, and foresaw the end coming.

Today, the scrolls represent a warning against arrogance, and a reminder that those on top can and will eventually fall, sometimes spectacularly. Our blog is meant to be a constant reminder to be humble, to check your attitude at the door, and to treat others with respect and courtesy. We hope our posts give you valuable guidance.